Michael's Mini Portfolio

My complete portfolio contains more then 50 sales related workshops including:

  • Selling the C-Suite
  • Strategic Questioning
  • Level 1 Listening
  • Discovering the Dominant Buying Motive
  • Enterprise Account Management
  • Selling Features Advantages and Benefits
  • Overcoming Concerns
  • Closing
  • Cultivation and Maintenance of a Referral Networks
  • Database Management (CRM)
  • Networking
  • Time Management and Effectiveness
  • Developing a Direct Value Statement
  • The Value Proposition
  • Understand and Selling to the 4 Personality Types

and many more...


Networking for Salespeople

This is a 90 minute workshop which is laser focused on building relationships with individuals who will ultimately assist the sales person in increasing capture percentage and territory revenue. It is installment #1 of a 3 part series entitled 'Who to sell, what to sell, where to find them.' The workshop has been experienced by hundreds of sales people nationwide, and the series has been accredited with achieving outstanding results.


Getting out of your own way

This is a full blown 8 hour workshop, which is traditionally split into two half days days. It was initially inspired by underperforming sales teams who were in need of a business recharge. Here, I focus solely on what is preventing the salesperson from reaching their goals, how to break through and how to maintain sales momentum.


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