Who am I and what am I looking to accomplish?

Professional Objective

To fulfill both my personal and professional goals, I am interested in an advanced position with a firm where I can contribute my abilities to the short and long term success of the organization.

Professional Summary

I am an experienced enterprise sales & account manager, trainer and coach with 12 years of experience driving sales growth for PHH Corporation, ETI International and LHJ and Associates. My experience and skills outlined in my resume were developed though face to face and telephone call-center selling, which has transformed me into a high impact, multi-dimensional sales expert, trainer, coach and business development professional.

I have dedicated the last several years to selling and maintaining billion dollar corporate sales relationships in the financial services space. My unique skills and expertise in sales coaching and business development have helped me achieve what many would only hope to accomplish accomplish in the same amount of time. I truly believe that the foundation of successful business strategy begins and ends with relationships to our clients, colleagues, and ourselves. My professional recommendations attest to my commitment and passion for building and maintaining lasting relationships using cutting edge techniques which lead to long term success!  

As a proven leader in sales and its related disciplines , I seek an advanced employment role, in hopes of short term satisfaction and long term success. Throughout my professional career with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations, I have designed and deployed various growth strategies in sales, targeted increased revenues, and bolstered client retention by leveraging a keen understanding of client needs and strategic selling techniques to advance the organizations sales goals. 

Highlights of my achievements include:

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  • ACCOUNT MANAGER: Increased account production by $260 million and client product engagement 56% by developing and implementing strategies to motivate private label clients' employees to introduce new and existing clients to banking products.
  • COACH/TRAINER: Reduced turnover by 36% through development and implementation of an enhanced on-boarding sales training process.
  • SALES PERSON: Reduced company overhead and increased revenue through the creation of a referral sales system which led me to two years of presidents club status. This system evolved into a required training for the global sales organization.

As my accomplishments demonstrate, I believe that I possess the experience, expertise, and business acumen to successfully accomplish your business need. For further details on my history, qualifications, and achievements, please click here.

To schedule an interview please call me at 914-502-3301, click here to contact me or send an email to michaelbarnett@mac.com.